St Ives Zone in Lakme Fashion Week

The brief was to create brand experience zone in lake fashion week for St Ives. The brand is all about fun and antidote to dullness. Hence the idea was to create a playful, interactive, high spirited zone. Packman is loved game and almost everyone knows how to play. The ingredients were made into characters and the scenes of outdoor fun was incorporated in levels of the game. Aripicot was made into apri caught packman and the coconuts into ghosts. The game was played with hand gestures. Cheerful audience made the whole experience as lively as visualised.

Brand experience zone in Lakme Fashion Week 2016
Game design that can be played with hand gestures. LEVEL 1
Level 2
Level 3
Character design
Apricot packman
fun costers for people who played our game - a reminder take away " never be dull"
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