Uriji Jami Brand Language

This project is on creating brand language that can be extended in the stories we illustrate for this brand called Uriji Jami. Truly inspiring project. I have tried to create a unique style and I name this Kanchize. In this style I have used a set of elements that are derived form the Logo, to create all the illustrations. Hope you like it. Looking forward for your feedback. Curious to know what do you thing about this style.

Ujiri Jami is an app which connects peoples dreams with stories and helps people to realize their dreams therefore boost their potential of life. You can share your experience and dreams here and connect with like minded people to network with you.  At Uriji Jami Life is your main asset. 
These are the elements set I have derived form the shapes of logo and some icons used in the app. 
by using only these elements set I have made all the illustrations you see in the project. 
even a softer smoother looking illustration can be made with these elements....its only a matter of how you use them to acheive what effect. This is the mascot for Uriji Jami.
let me share a little background. The task is to make Visual brand language and tell stories of inspiring people with a set style of illustrations.
All the objects and the characters are inspired by real people and their stories. The camera here is a part of Dr. Ingas expidition in amazon story.  
wireframe view
Part of Dr. Ingas story
wire frame viwe
Part of Dr. Ingas story and also a part of Jriji jami office story now
wire frame view
Part of Dr. Ingas story and also a part of Jriji jami story now
Dr.Inga Steinvorth de Goetz
Anousheh Ansari's story - She is a private space explorer
Yonamies from amazon jungle
Dr.Inga Steinvorth de Goetz's story 
My super hero's story :) 
Posters for Collision 2016
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